An easy-to-use cloud that respects your privacy

Our store has 200+ apps

They are all open source so no company can depricate features or collect your data to sell to advertisers.

Install them in your own Permanent Cloud

We'll make sure your cloud is state-of-the-art. And we will never sell your data to anyone for any reason.

Do it all in a few clicks

Applications to power your business, your project, or your life. Expertly hosted with just a few clicks.

Permanent App Store

Permanent Cloud

Host any app on your own Permanent Cloud - with just a few clicks.

No coding or server management required - anyone can use Permanent Cloud.

Respects your privacy - we won’t sell any of your data to anyone for any reason.

Keeps your data safe with nightly backups.

Lets you use all the features of an app at every tier.

Scales as you do.

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